Zagadnienia do egzaminu z przedmiotu – Zintegrowane Sprawności Językowe

Semestr VI


  1. A Baby Room
  2. The Flat I Would Like to Live in
  3. The System of Education in Poland
  4. The Development of the Child
  5. Problems in the Family
  6. Homelessness – Causes and Possible Solutions
  7. Reasons for Drug Addiction
  8. Alcohol as a Way of Self – Destruction
  9. Healthy Lifestyle
  10. Man’s and Woman’s Duties
  11. Food – Healthy Nutritions
  12. Kindergarten Education – What Do Children Learn There?
  13. The Global Problems in the World
  14. The Happiest Stage in School Education
  15. A Perfect Teacher – Characteristics.
  16. The Difficulties that Children Have to Overcome on Their Way to Maturity
  17. The Rules of Behaviour in the Classroom/Playroom
  18. The Role of Motivation in the Teaching – Learning Process
  19. An Ideal Partner
  20. Common Illnesses and Diseases


  1. Tenses
  2. Verb Complementation
  3. Passive Voice
  4. Conditional Sentences
  5. Modal Verbs
  6. Reported Speech
  7. Prepositions
  8. Adverbial Clauses
  9. Determiners

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